Premium Rate Services

Equipment and services to set up your own Premium Rate Telephone Facility.
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Premium Rate Services

Premium Rate is the term used to describe telephone calls, which are charged to the caller, at a higher rate than a normal telephone call. This extra cost is charged via the caller's telephone bill and shared between the Information or Service Provider and the Network Operator.

The premium rate services operated, vary from recorded information lines, customer andand technical help lines to competition and entertainment Lines and many other applications! Clients with their own premium rate services are known as Information Providers and receive a portion of the revenue distributed by the Network Operator.

What are the choices for operating a Premium rate service?

The prospective operator of a Premium rate service can choose between acquiring equipment and lines to run a service or alternatively using a hosted service, where the lines and equipment are provided.

The advantage of installing your own equipment is that you retain overall control and maximize your percentage of the revenue. A Premium rate line is the same as a normal telephone line, which means that your telephone supplier does not have to install special connections to your home/office and standard telephone sockets are used. The disadvantage of this route is that you have to make a capital commitment to purchasing the equipment.

The advantage of using a hosted service is that you do not need to make a commitment to purchasing equipment and lines, but the disadvantage is that your share of the revenue is significantly reduced.

The following links provide access to information on equipment, hosted services and other useful information:

Equipment for Premium Rate Services
[Storacall Voice Systems: ACD Call Processing]

Storacall Voice Systems provide the UltraVox call processing server which is suitable for covering announcement, question and answer and answer and record applications on 4 to 120 lines. Voice recording solutions are also offered for Live services and other applications, where recording of calls is required under PhonepayPlus regulations.

For information and to view the products visit:
AnnounceManager-Announcement Solution
MessageManager-Answer and Record Solution
Storacall VR-Voice Recording Solutions

Hosted Services for Premium Rate
Axontek Promotions by Phone or SMS Axontek offer hosted managed Premium rate services and phone numbers.
For more information visit: Axontek Premium Rate
Premium Rate Recording Services
Mirror Audio Recording Services Mirror Audio provide recording services to produce professional announcement and content recordings for Premium Rate services.
For more information visit: Mirror Audio
Premium Rate Regulations
Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services PhonepayPlus, the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services, is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services.
For information on the rules and regulations visit: PhonepayPlus