Storacall Group of Companies

Storacall Telecommunications Network

Storacall is a telecommunications group established in 1969 and the Storacall Network provides links to Storacall Companies, Trading Divisions, Affiliates and Partners.

Storacall is a group of specialised companies operating in the telecommunications market offering a range of solutions including call recording, speech analytics, integrated agent performance management, live agent monitoring and training together with agent evaluation and coaching for small to enterprise level businesses. Call handling solutions include call routing, call management, call processing, intelligent call queuing, ACD, UCD, Alert notification, voice mail, call logging, IVR, CRM and CTI solutions.

On the manufacturing side Storacall makes acoustic telephone hoods, telephone cabinets, industrial telephone kiosks, marine enclosures, pedestals, weatherproof telephones and tough internal telephones.

For the full range of Storacall's Products and Services click here.

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